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Chair Massage


How It Works

Step 1: Choose a schedule and rate plane 

Maximum time frame is 4 hours 


One Time Event- events, conferences, parties etc 

 $80 per hour  -----------------------------------minimum 2 hours


Bi-weekly- every 2 weeks on a set schedule  

 $70 per hour-------------------------------------minimum 2 hours aromatherapy included


Weekly+- one or more visits every week

 $65 per hour--------------------------------------no minimum hours aromatherapy included 


Step 2: Schedule the times that are right for you

 When you are ready simply give us a call, text or email to set up your chair massage visits. Once we have you on the schedule we will send you a timesheet for your employees to sign up on based on the time frame you choose. 


Step 3: The Chair Massage Treatment 

  When your therapist arrives simply direct them to where they will be setting up and give them the time sheet. Your therapist will have all of their equipment as well as a waiver for each client. 


Last step is to enjoy the benefits of chair massage in your office!  



Why bring a massage therapist into the office? 

With Vibrant Horizons, LLC you can provide the benefits of a full body massage in the comfort of your own office. Chair massage is a cost effective and convenient way to boost morale, reduce stress and anxiety and provide and an amazing service for your employees. With no need to travel, remove clothing or take large amounts of time out of the day chair massage is the perfect addition to any office.

There are many benefits of having chair massage in the workplace. 


Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression Levels

   Massage has as many mental/emotional benefits as physical. Through massage it is possible to elevate serotonin levels while lowering levels of adrenaline and cortisol; stress inducing hormones. Studies have shown that in many cases, anxiety levels can drop 80%  after 15 minutes of massage. 


Muscle Tension

  Sitting for long periods of time can cause intense discomfort throughout the body. It isn't a surprise that back pain, headaches, overall muscle tension and conditions like carpal tunnel or tendinitis are no stranger to the workplace. Chair massage is directly focused on addressing these issues by working primarily on the head, neck, back and arms.


Overall Productivity 

    While massage is a relaxing experience the after effects are often energy boosting. This is especially true when the treatment is done in 10 to 15 minute increments. During the massage the blood pressure will lower and serotonin will start producing in higher quantities but not for long enough to cause drowsiness. This is just enough time to “recharge” and get back to work during a long day. 


    These are just some of the advantages your employees can enjoy from chair massage but it doesn't end there. In office chair massage is also an important asset for employers. When employees feel taken care of by the companies they work for they are more productive and are more likely to stay with that company. They are less stressed, in less pain and look forward to coming into work. This means higher employee retention, less workers comp claims, reduced health care costs and happier employees. 


If you have any questions please call, text or email us. We hope to see you soon!